Oculoplasty and Aesthetics Services

AIY ITek Vision Centre is a renowned name when it comes to oculoplasty and aesthetics services. This division inculcates a wide gamut of functional disorders and corrective treatment of congenital and functional disorders of the eyelid, orbits and lacrimal drainage systems. The centre also looks into account the cosmetic enhancement of the eye region which includes eyes, lids, upper cheeks, brow and forehead. Our specialists have immense experience in handling cases of hemangioma.

A house of industry’s top oculoplastic surgeons in Delhi who are highly proficient in handling reconstructive procedures in and around the eye zone, AIY ITek Vision Centre makes sure that all our patients are satisfied with the quality of treatment they receive.


AIY ITek’s state-of-the-art oculoplastic clinic in Delhi/NCR is a specialty centre with a visiting team of highly qualified surgeons who looks into the matter of impaired vision and eye function by handling the issue related to the functional problems of the eye region.


The condition is characterized by drooping of the upper eyelid inhibiting the field of vision. Ranging from mild to severe, ptosis covers the pupil partially or completely.


The area of the orbit includes eyeballs, eye socket muscles & bones, optic nerve & surrounding fat which might takes the form of a tumor. Hence, evaluation at the early stages by an experienced specialist in orbital diseases can save severe effects of tumors. Keeping a note on the history of the patients is of utmost importance to have a track on the problem.


AIY ITek has the best oculoplastic surgeon in Delhi to handle the complex cases of thyroid eye diseases. Our team has an upper hand when it comes to handling eye socket surgeries. To simplify, thyroid eye disease is an inflammatory disorder which may result in bulging eyes, misalignment of eyes, double vision, and open eyelids. In severe cases, it may result in diminished vision due to the compression of the optic nerve.


Tears play a major role in keeping the eye moist. This is done by lacrimal gland and tear ducts that are responsible for manufacturing tears and draining them from the eyes. Any kind of blockage in this area can affect a smooth functioning of the system. At ITek Vision, we make sure that there is no hindrance in this entire process. Our oculoplastic surgeons conduct Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy (DCR) to create an alternative solution to clear the way to release tears.


Injuries to the orbit and surrounding tissues causes major to minor injuries. These include orbital injuries through penetration of foreign bodies, fractures & traumatic optic neuropathy and injury to the optic nerve. Our oculoplastic clinic in Delhi is equipped with cutting edge technology to carry out effective treatment for the same.


Due to prolonged infection or disease or because of some trauma like sports injury or an accident, a person may lose his eyes. Our advanced surgical procedure and an extensive research in the medical field have provided us solutions to the issue. These include enucleation i.e. surgical removal of the eye, adjusting prosthesis or glass eye etc.


Ophthalmic Cosmetic Surgery: Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Ophthalmic Cosmetic Surgery is conducted to ensure a youthful appearance by eliminating the sagging eyelids and puffy bags that adds on to the age of the person. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty is of 2 types-

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty: This surgery is conducted to ward off puffiness in the upper eyelids and remove the excess skin hanging from the eyelids

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty: It removes the problem areas under the eye such as puffy bags, dark circles, and excess skin at the lower eyelids.


Ageing, stress, & daily life aggravations lead to deep furrows on the forehead which looks awkward. With ageing, these frown lines becomes more prominent and adds on to your age. Through a forehead/brow lift issues like drooping eyebrows and loose skin around the brows can be fixed. It also includes the removal of excess muscle part from the brow that causes vertical frown lines.

At Itek Vision Centre, our main treatment includes-