Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a type of disorder in which the main risk is the fluid pressure in the eye. it is characterized by vision loss because of damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma can be treated if it is detected on time, and the patient follows whatever the best glaucoma doctors suggested.

Eyes form and drain fluid constantly. In case the eye’s drainage doesn’t work well, the fluid find it difficult to get out. the extra fluid formation in the eye leads to pressure building in the eye. The sensitive nerves can be destroyed because of the pressure building and can cause vision loss over time. Every time a fiber nerve is lost, the ability to see is compromised. The glaucoma patient loses their peripheral vision first, and it eventually can cause complete vision loss. Vision loss after glaucoma cannot be restored, and getting the right treatment becomes very important.


Since the symptoms of Glaucoma is not very prominent, there are a lot of times people come to know about it at the very later stage, when it is impossible to treat the same. You must ensure that you get your vision and eye pressure checked on a regular basis.


Glaucoma is usually very common in older individuals. However, it can affect people at any age. there are times even babies are affected by glaucoma. Glaucoma is present worldwide and is one of the leading causes of blindness. The causes of glaucoma is still unknown, but the best glaucoma doctors in Delhi NCR suggest that family history could be one of the reasons of the same.


The main aim to treat glaucoma is to prevent further vision loss. It can be treated with medical therapy, laser surgery or even surgery for that matter. The glaucoma specialist in Delhi will do the necessary test to determine your condition and then suggest you the best possible treatment for your problem. The treatment of glaucoma is directly related to the time at which it was detected. Some of the common treatment methods are:

Medical Therapy : Glaucoma can be treated with medication if the diagnosis has been done at an early stage. The best glaucoma treatment clinic in Delhi might give you eye drops, drugs or even gels for that matter. The intensity of the drops will depend on the stage you are at.

Laser Surgery : Modern medicine has advanced and the laser treatment for glaucoma has become successful and extremely helpful. You can go to the glaucoma treatment centre is Delhi and get the laser surgery done. The recovery is faster in case of laser surgery.

Surgical Procedure : When you get the surgical procedure done, a device is implanted in the eye, and this removes the extra fluid and reduces the pressure of the eye.

At AIY iTek Vision Centre, we check your condition and stage first, and then determine the treatment procedure. We understand Glaucoma can be a very scary disease, and we have the best eye doctors in Delhi NCR who give you the right consultation and counselling to help you fight glaucoma.

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