Computer Vision Syndrome

The discomfort and strain in our eyes as a result of prolonged exposure to digital screens is what is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Such stress can cause headaches, dry-eyes, blurry vision, and itching of the eyes. Most symptoms of CVS are temporary and go away after a few hours of resting the eyes. However, if your symptoms persist beyond normal levels of discomfort you may need to consider an eye check-up to implement preventative measures of care.

CVS Management

Consistent CVS can lead to reduced visual accuracy and your eye-sight can worsen with time. To prevent any such damage to your eyes, it is advised that you consider using anti-glare spectacles and appropriate eye lubricants. Your ophthalmologist may suggest that you use contact lenses or glasses for corrected vision.

It is also highly recommended that you reduce your screen time if you experience symptoms of CVS. Frequent breaks from your computer and mobile devices are a very effective solution to CVS. Remember to keep your screens at least 20 inches away from your eyes and enlarge your reading text if required.