Cornea Treatment


The outermost layer of the eye which is a clear, dome shaped surface which covers the front is cornea.As cornea plays an important role in vision; any kind of damage done it it through disease, infection or injury can cause problems in vision. Corneal damages distorts the light that enters the eye affecting the vision.

there are variant number of problems that are addressed by the best eye care centres in India. Corneal disease includes a number of abnormalities in eyes that are caused due to problem in cornea. Corneal eye care clinics in India treat the following corneal problems.


One must visit an eye care centre when you go through the following symptoms:

These symptoms may be a sign of a serious damage and require corneal eye treatment.


There are various conditions that damages the cornea. These conditions include:

1) Keratitis: Inflammation of the cornea due to infection caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi which come in contact with the eye. Viruses or Fungi enter the eye after superficial or deep infection. Corneal eye treatment clinics treat keratitis with antifungal or antibiotic eye drops. Antiviral drugs or steroid eye drops may be necessary at times

2) Ocular Herpes: Viral infection of the eye that produces sores on the surface of the and causes deeper inflammation in the cornea and the eye. It is a recurring disease which can only be controlled by consulting an eye care centre. The corneal eye treatment clinic tones down the condition with the help of antiviral drugs and steroid eye drops.

3) Corneal Degenerations: Degeneration of the cornea like Keratoconus is a corneal disease in which the cornea thins and changes shape. This can cause mild to severe distortion in the cornea which can lead to vision loss.

4) Corneal Dystrophies: There are various corneal dystrophies that can damage the cornea. Mostly these could be treated by eye care centres with the help of eye drops or ointments. The best eye care centre in India may also suggest you a corneal transplant if required.

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